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Waltzing Waters Inc, Cape Coral, Florida

The Przystawik Family: Masters of Musical Fountain Spectacles

For the Przystawik family, the art of combining fountains, lights, and music to create breathtaking spectacles has become an international sensation. Across three generations, they have crafted a legacy that positions them as leaders in the realm of musical fountains, captivating audiences worldwide.

The journey began in the 1920s when Otto Przystawik, a visionary German inventor, conceived the idea of merging fountains, light, and music into a harmonious performance. He unveiled his creation, the “Przystawik’s Dancing Fountains,” initially on a smaller scale for display in restaurants and stores. However, the disruptive force of World War II temporarily halted his innovative pursuits.

In 1950, Otto Przystawik resurrected his dream by orchestrating a spectacular fountain show at the Resi Ballroom and restaurant in Berlin. This mesmerizing spectacle, accompanied by live music, rapidly evolved into a beloved local attraction. Two years later, in 1952, the dancing fountains made a significant appearance at an exhibition in Berlin. It was here that they caught the discerning eye of Harold Steinman, a brilliant showman from New York.

Harold Steinman recognized the immense potential of these dancing waters and embarked on a journey of his own. Over the next several decades, his New York-based company acquired numerous shows and christened them the “Dancing Waters.” These captivating performances were dispatched on tours across the United States and other corners of the globe.

The 1950s marked a period of collaboration between Otto and his son, Gunter Przystawik, who worked together tirelessly in their German factory, refining and advancing their musical fountain designs. However, in 1965, Gunter ventured to the shores of Florida, and with the passing of his father, he assumed the mantle of continuing the family’s creative legacy. Over the years, he achieved significant breakthroughs in musical fountain technology. To distinguish his innovations from his father’s earlier creations, Gunter introduced the moniker “Waltzing Waters®.”

Today, the legacy lives on under the leadership of Michael Przystawik, who has incorporated cutting-edge, space-age technology into the family’s fountain designs, elevating them to even greater heights of sophistication and wonder. With the advent of a new millennium, the “Waltzing Waters® – Liquid Fireworks®” productions have redefined the global standard for water, light, and music extravaganzas.

The Przystawik family’s contribution to the world of fountain shows is nothing short of extraordinary. They have seamlessly melded the intrinsic beauty of water with the artistry of music and light. “Waltzing Waters®” productions have consistently dazzled audiences on a global scale, boasting intricate choreography, breathtaking visuals, and a diverse array of musical genres.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the Przystawik family’s unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence. They have, in essence, pioneered a unique art form that continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world. In the realm of fountain shows, the Przystawiks stand shoulder to shoulder with legendary families like the Wallendas of high-wire fame and the Zambellis known for their awe-inspiring fireworks displays. Their enduring legacy shines through their spectacular fountain performances, cementing their status as frontrunners in water, light, and music productions.

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